What do people think of KidLitVic?

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“I contracted a manuscript by one of the authors that had an assessment with me at KidLitVic this year.” From Windy Hollow Books

“This year was the 'bomb'!  I loved it!  The Workshops were awesome and I'm so glad I registered for them….I got a load more out of the day…It is a fantastic opportunity…thanks again it brings us one step closer to our dreams!” From Leonie

"I’m so excited to share my very first picture book...I was offered this job as a direct result of showing my illustration portfolio at KidLitVic last year. I had shown my folio at KLV in 2016 but had no bites from publishers. So in 2017, armed with tips on what to show from the 2016 conference (I needed more characters, animals and humans, more movement and poses etc., the usual suspects), I tried again and this time a big bite! My first ever picture book project. It's been a mixture of joy, excitement, anxiety — a HUGE learning experience.
I’m just about to start book three in the PB series, and I thank the lucky glow-in-the-dark stars on my ceiling each night that I plucked up the courage to show my work and attend these conferences....I learnt so much, and met so many wonderful people and was given this amazing opportunity.” From Allison

"Dear KidLitVic, I wanted to thank you. At your first KidLitVic conference, I met (a Publisher), showed her my manuscript, and she signed me up to publish it....By the time the next conference rolls around, I will have my book out in the world, in stores - dream achieved!  I really want to extend my most heartfelt thanks. It would have taken me so much longer, if ever, to get this point on my own. I'll see you at the conference next year!” From Laura