This one day conference combines discussion panels of Australia's leading publishers, each with expert advice on Children's Picture Books, Chapter and Middle Grade Fiction, Illustration and Young Adult Novels. There is also the opportunity to book a fifteen minute one-on-one assessment with a publisher of your choice (based on availability), including a "publisher check-list feedback form" on your manuscript. Or book yourself into one of our professional development workshops that will build and enhance your creative career.

What is the workshop?


Does it cost to attend the workshop?
No, the Workshop is included in the ticket price.

What are the Masterclasses?


Does it cost to attend the Masterclasses?

Do you need a complete manuscript to attend the conference?

No.  You don't need a completed manuscript to attend the conference. This is your chance to meet and hear from Australian publishers; current trends, advice on publishing, what publishers are looking for etc.  

Manuscript Assessments-

How much will an assessment cost?

Each assessment costs $88 (including GST) for a 15min one-on-one assessment with a publisher, plus written feedback on your manuscript.

How do I submit my work for the assessments?

Before you submit your work you must download the Manuscript Assessment Submission Guidelines. In that it will explain how to submit your Manuscript Assessment Submission Form. Both can be downloaded here:

Can I book an assessment if I'm not attending the conference?

No, unfortunately, due to the high demand for assessments, we are unable to offer assessments to people not attending the conference.

When can I book an assessment?


Will I be able to book who I want for my assessment?

You get to choose who you want for your assessment providing that the publisher or agent still has spaces available. If they are fully booked, you may have to select an alternative assessor. So it pays to book early.

Can I book an author and an illustrator assessment?

No, you must choose one or the other. In the first instance, we are only allowing ONE illustrator or author assessment in total to give everyone a fair go. Depending on the uptake of assessments, a second round may be offered.

How will assessment times be allocated? There are certain panels I don't want to miss.

We will endeavour to allocate an assessment time for you that takes your particular interests into account.

What can I do if the assessments are booked out?

You can be placed on a waiting list. Please email your preferred assessor and genre along with your details to our Assessment Co-ordinator Jaquelyn Muller

Do I have to have my submission ready when I book my assessment?

No. You book your place on 12th February 2018, but you have until the 12th March to submit your work.

How do I write a picture book synopsis?

Writing a synopsis for a picture book for KidLitVic can be a very simple short paragraph and should include the following:


To have a strong book, you need a theme even if it’s very subtle.

It could be bullying, tolerance, adjusting to change, or learning to be happy.

You should be able to say in one quick sentence: .“This is a book about …”


Where is your book set – inside a whale, in a jungle etc.

This allows the publishers to see straight away where the pb is set.


Include a couple of sentences showing the story.

If part of the story is only shown in the pictures, this is your chance to explain this.