Second Round Offers Announced

Have you all recovered from Monday night's frenzy?
Are you ready to do it all again?
Well, we have a NEWS FLASH!!

On MONDAY 19th FEBRUARY at 8PM (AEDT), we are releasing SECOND ROUND OFFERS. This time it is OPEN SLATHER.

This means you can book as many ASSESSMENTS as you want and up to 3 WORKSHOPS if you wish.  

These are the RULES- *You CANNOT book a second Assessment or Workshop/Masterclass UNTIL 8PM (AEDT) on MONDAY 19TH FEBRUARY 2018.

Your second booking will be refunded if purchased prior to the Second Round officially opening.
*Here at KidLitVic, we like to be fair and want to give others enough opportunity to purchase their first Assessment and Workshop. However, after Monday 19th Feb at 8pm, go for your life! It's #openslather